XTR3D To Bring Motion Sensor To Android?

Extreme Reality (or XTR3D) is a company that "enables consumer electronic devices with Gesture Control Interface and Motion Capture for Gaming using software only, using a single standard 2D camera". Sounds sorta cool right? Imagine playing games on your phone kinect style, really cool.

But is it? Firstly, you'll usually be holding your phone with one hand when playing a game, so you only have the other hand to use as a motion controller. You'll also have to be holding the phone at a strange and possibly uncomfortable angle... Check out the video XTR3D have created below. Are you telling me that this is more fun than if you were to use the accelerometer??!

The second video is slightly better, I mean I could really imagine myself using it in this way, perhaps without the weird "Hello" followed by a hang up though... This one is obviously a mock up, I'd be surprised to see something running that smooth for a while.