Vodafone Android smartphone March Deals

Vodafone have got some android smartphone deals for the month of March, hurry because they end at the end of this month! Deals include the Nexus S, Galaxy S, Desire HD amongst others, full details after the break

Ok, so fair enough for vodafone putting these android "deals" on, but really, are that the best "deals" you can give us? The Samsung Galaxy S Free on a 2-year £30 a month deal...?

Sorry Vodafone, your network isn't that good. You could pick up the Galaxy S on a 2-year, £20 a month deal for free at the ned of last year! £10 cheaper than your "deal"!

Todays lesson? Never buy your phone directly from a network. You can slash a huge amount off both the price of the phone AND the monthly cost by walking your lazy bum into town and checking out Carphone Warehouse or even Phones4U (if you can stand their "customer service").

Carphone Warehouse has the added benefit of all its handsets being sold unlocked :)