UK To Get Older Fat Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V

UPDATE: The UK will receive the thinner models after all. They will be released sometime after we get the Galaxy Tab 10.1V.

Samsung won't be dumping the 10.1" tablet it showed off at Mobile World Congress earileri this year. This week Samsung announced their new 10.1" and 8.9" android tablets, which were both thinner and lighter than the iPad (some feat). We all thought that this meant the original thicker 10.1" tablet would simply be dropped...

However this is not the case. Only America will be getting the thinner version of the tablet on June 8th. Vodafone UK have confimred they will still be getting the thicker ORIGINAL version of the tablet. In fact, the new model may NEVER come to the UK. The older model is to be renamed to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V to avoid confusion.

What does this news mean to you? The original version is both thicker and heavier, but it also has a better camera. Internally spec wise, it is the same machine. Does this change your mind about getting this tablet? Were you already sure you were getting it anyway? Let me know in the comments guys! Personally, I think an import may be on the cards!