UK Mobile Operator Android Apps For Managing Your Account

Management of your mobile network account is something that should be easy to do when on your mobile, you really don't want to be having to log into a website that uses some funky plug-ins and so only works in your desktop browser, or alternatively is not at all optimised for the mobile screen. Any UK network worth it's salt should provide a suitable and well designed android app to let you do it in the most convenient way possible, from your phone!

We have collated every android app from UK mobile networks that allow you to view and manage your account. Every android user should have at least one of these on their phone!

Vodafone (Market Link)

My Vodafone lets you keep track of your Vodafone account usage. If you’re a pay monthly or pay as you go Vodafone customer, you can use the My Vodafone app to keep track of your account and use the Wi-Fi finder to locate and connect to BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots. My Vodafone makes it easy to: - Check usage against your price plan or latest top-up - View your price plan information - Get answers to the most frequently asked questions - Find and access BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots - Seamlessly login to BT Openzone hotspots for users with Wi-Fi as part of their price plan

Orange (Market Link)

With Your Orange, managing your Orange account has never been easier. Welcome to Your Orange. It’s like bumping into the world expert on Orange. Everything you need to know, from how much you’re spending to helpful tips to get the most out of your Android device. Get direct access to your pay monthly or pay as you go mobile account over any data connection, including WiFi, and even set up and change your Magic Numbers. Once you’ve downloaded Your Orange, the Orange Help topics are available with or without a data connection. So you can even read on the underground and other places where there’s no network coverage or WiFi available.

T Mobile (Market Link)

Stay up to date with your T-Mobile account from pretty much anywhere. Check how much you're spending, see your recent usage and get help and support information, all at the touch of a button.

Virgin Mobile (Market Link)

Lets you manage your Virgin Mobile account on the move. [Requires use of a mobile data connection] Pay Monthly? You can keep tabs on how many minutes and texts you have left each month. Plus, see how much of your Mobile Web allowance you have remaining. Pay As You Go? You can check your balance, top up using a credit or debit card you’ve registered with us.

O2 (None!)

Nothing! :O

3UK (Market Link)

Three App - designed for Three UK customers who are new to their Three mobile. It’s a free download that gives you instant access to your Three essentials: My3, Planet3 and Favourites. * Your My3 account on your three mobile lets you view your bills and top up. * Planet3 is your gateway to the mobile internet: games, news, sport & more. * Favourites is a customisable list of the most useful websites and apps. Designed and optimised for use on phones sold by Three. Limited support for tablets – we hope to support these fully in a later version of the app.

GiffGaff (Unofficial, but officially supported) (Market Link)

A simple tool to setup Internet support on Android phones for the giffgaff mobile phone network. Be aware: the app changes nothing on your phone until you *run* it. A good option is to install now but only run after inserting a giffgaff SIM. In normal use only existing giffgaff (and optionally O2 UK) settings will be changed, so swapping to another SIM should just work, useful for visitors to the UK. If you do have problems or need to restore O2 UK settings Advanced mode can restore stock settings. The app cannot change a number of settings that will prevent internet access, please read the included troubleshooting guide for help.