UK Metro: Malware To Crumble Gingerbread.. [Orly]

UK free newspaper Metro (thats the one they force you to take when you're rushing for a train), have published a story on the recent "malware" attacks on android, together with the headline "Malware Threatens To Crumble Gingerbread".

Ok, so it's sort of a funny headline (we see what you did there Metro), but it's slightly misleading.. Malware is not threatening g to crumble Google's latest version of the android platform for phones, and the only way you'll get any sort of android malware is if you like to head off into illegal websites and install some pirated app (or maybe a nice sex app). This isn't the first time Metro have done something like this either, they seem very happy to publish android virus stories, which do nothing but spread worry to android users in the UK that really have nothing to worry about...