Top 20 Android Apps By Gender

Nielsen have just released a report over the top 20 android apps in America overall, including a top list split by gender. The apps are active apps, meaning those which are actively being used by people (over those people download but never use). The report found that the top app for men was Google Maps, with the top for women being Facebook! If we were to exclude google apps from the ranking however, Facebook is indeed top for both genders, although a significantly higher % of women use this app than men.

What's slightly worrying from the results is the fact that 26% of people are actively using a task killer. Well, the percentage might actually be higher than that if the percentage use of all the different task killers available is taken into consideration. Google+ seems to be taking a decent chunk of people's time too, especially us guys. That might also help account for the different between the % of Facebook usage for men and women.

The other not really surprising feature is that Angry Birds is the most played game on android in America. The original is the most played game, with Rio being the third most played (Words with friends comes in a #2).