Three UK Drops Mature Content filter

Firstly.. Yay!

UK network Three are going to stop filtering adult content from their mobile network, well as long as you have taken a contract out with them. PAYG users will still have to put up with getting their filthy content elsewhere. Three said "We know this has frustrated many of you". You can be sure of that Three!

Well anyway, this is an android blog right? So lets jump right into it. Those of you using an android phone on three will now have access to some.. ahem.. appropriate material to test out the new Wank-o-meter app available on the android market!

The developer offers the following description (together with his typo's)

Wank-o-meter pursues a dream: reapping al the wankers from around the world and help each of them to achieve the PERFECT WANK: the OPTIMAL WANK.

Market Link