Things Have Changed...

So as you have probably notice, things have changed around here slightly. We've finally left our old platform, Wordpress and moved over to the next gen in "blogging", Ghost. The change was made to help us get back to basics.

Wordpress is a great platform for the types of blog it is intended for, but for us it was just too much overkill.. It's extremely bulky and was hard for us to incorporate changes we want to do, with Ghost the backend is a lot more logically laid out and therefore gives us more freedom to tailor the experience. The page load times have also increased by a massive margin, almost 10x as fast!

Droid-Den will stay focused upon android (I love it far too much), but I'll also be using this as a platform to make more general tech posts as well. This will mostly be targeted at Google-related items (you can probably keep a hold of your existing iOS blogs ;P). We've also moved away from disqus to Google+ comments. This aligns us a lot more with that new (is it new anymore?) social network, the hub of all things Google and should make our comments section a bit richer too. The site is also a whole lot more responsive. Try browsing on your phone/tablet and see :P

Anyway guys, we hope you enjoy the new look and look forward to seeing us grow and mature, one thing is for sure, there will definitely be a lot more activity around these parts as a result!

And lastly... Merry Christmas!!! Hope you guys all have a great holiday!!!!