Tech21 Impact Snap Case For Samsung Galaxy Note II Review

I’m not the hugest fan of cases on a smartphone. Generally speaking, they add bulk and ugliness to something that is more than just function, something that was designed to be beautiful. Why would you hide that? Well, one reason is to keep it beautiful, to protect it from bumps and falls. When I heard about the Tech 21 Impact Snap case, I was definitely intrigued.


Look & Feel

The Tech 21 Impact Snap case is a Galaxy Note 2 cover that has “impregnated d30 technology”. Yes, you read that right, they use the term impregnated.. A quick look in the dictionary (I joke, I searched Google), provides the definition of impregnation as fertilize, or the less common meaning, to soak or saturate. d3o is “ innovative substance which hardens on impact”. Essentially, this substance is soft to the touch, but should harden on impact, so if you drop your phone hopefully providing additional protection, and therefore less damage if you do ever drop your phone. If you take a look at the pictures, the d30 substance is that orange material inside the case.


The bulk of the case is  white polycarbonate plastic material, its tough and rigid, but does have a slight air of cheapness about it. The back is smooth so doesn’t add a huge lot of grip to the phone, but more than the stock back casing of the phone. There are cut outs for all the major points of interest in the phone including the 3.5mm jack, rear camera and flash, volume rocker, power button, speaker and of course s-pen.

The back of the case has a “tech21 Impactology” branding on it. Impactology seems to be a trademarked word by Tech21 that makes me feel slightly queasy upon hearing…!


The case clips nicely onto the Note II without much hassle. It’s secure and seems like it wouldn’t fall apart or fly off if you do drop it. Please note that I haven’t tested the d30 impact technology! Nor will I so you’ll just have to take Tech21’s word on its usefulness :P

Once on the phone, the case curves over the sides of the phone. This helps make the case tight on the phone, however it also makes it a lot harder to remove the case. I really did struggle and worried about doing damage to the Note II during this process. This probably won’t be an issue as you’re likely to keep the case on the majority of the time, but it’s something you should be aware of.


For me, the Tech21 case is just too bulky for day to day use. The case itself isn’t exactly bulky, but when attached to the phone it does feel like it makes the phone quite a lot larger. But you should know that I prefer ultra minimal cases, so don’t take this as a huge criticism! The d30 technology is an interesting concept too, and if nothing more, Tech21 seems like a company committed to innovation in the phone case world.