Samsung Galaxy SIII Video Demo: Smart Stay

Smart Stay is one of the cooler features found in the new Samsung Galaxy SIII. It's not big or loud, its subtle and works away in the background to make your mobile experience just a tiny bit better. It's also one of my favourite new features on a phone, so

Samsung Galaxy SIII Unboxing Video

Today I finally managed to get my hands on my new Samsung Galaxy SIII. The last time I actually held one of these phones was at the Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S3 launch event in Earls Court London, and I was very eager to get one for personal use! I've uploaded

Samsung Galaxy SIII Teaser Video Here!

The Samsung teaser countdown over at finally hit 0! Although unfortunately for most of us the site won't load. However, if you want to see what is shown, then I'd helpfully added the teaser video below for you! Enjoy! So, what do you think?