Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Slim Case & Crystal Case Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed a Samsung Galaxy SIII cover, the last one being the very beautiful Crumena pouch by the Korean SGP firm. Whilst that case got a very favourable review from me, it’s not really the type of case I would normally use of

Samsung Galaxy SIII Official Extra Battery Kit Review

As you’re reading this I can safely assume you own, or intend to own an android device. Android, like all smartphone OS’s aren’t the easiest on the phone's battery. Those who actually use the features of their device fully generally won’t see more than a day

Video Shootout: SGSIII vs One X vs One S vs Galaxy Note

As we explained in our camera shootout post, mobile phones are fast overtaking the need for a separate digital camera. This is true for photos, and with the latest smartphones recording at 1080p quality, its fast becoming true for videos too. Below we've uploaded a 30 second clip recorded at