Is This The Samsung Galaxy SIII

By now you should all have heard about the unveiling of "a new Galaxy" in London on the 3rd May (which I'll be happily attending btw!). Samsung have been incredibly secretive about their new device, although there have been lots of rumours and "leaks", we're yet to hear anything official.

Great ICS Experience on Galaxy Note

I bought my first Android phone, for that matter, my first real smart phone in February 2011. Yes, I was a late entrant. It was the HTC Incredible S, and incredible it was. I learnt fast and a few months later realised that I needed a much better phone. Finding

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Otterbox Commuter Case Review

Rachid: The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is pretty much the phone to have right now. As a Nexus phone it's probably the only phone you can get your hands on right now that guarantees future updates to the next few iterations of android at least. Here at Droid-Den we've reviewed a

Droid-Den’s Weekly Update

Welcome to another news round-up from the Android world. It has been a while since the last time I posted a weekly update, but here is some news you may have missed from this week in short, simple snippets. HTC Endeavor Specs Leak. HTC CFO Winston Yung has already dropped

Top Tips For The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich! [Part 1]

Hopefully many of you out there will have had a great Christmas, and received this fantastic phone from a loved one! Or more likely, treated yourself to something nice...! :P I've gathered some of the best tips for features and functionality you might not have realised existed within the Galaxy

Official Samsung Galaxy Note Flip Cover Review

The guys over at MobileFun have kindly sent me an Official Samsung Galaxy Note flip cover for my Galaxy Note, so I thought I'd give it the once over for you guys out there who might be looking for some protection for your awesome phone (again, phone :P). The flip