Samsung To Launch ChatON: X-Platform Chat App

Samsung is looking to get a piece of the group chat market with its latest app ChatON. which it describes as "A True Global Mobile Communication Service". The service is set to launch this September for the main three mobile OS's. Well let you know as soon as the android

Samsung Galaxy SII Camera Test

There has been quite a lot of discussion around which android phone has the best camera. You might just quote the one with the most MP, but that really isn't a true measure of what makes a good mobile phone camera. We've tested out the Samsung Galaxy SII camera, with

Motorola Atrix Not The Worlds Most Powerful: SGSII Is

The Motorola Atrix advert, which proclaims the Atrix as "The Wotrlds Most Powerful Smartphone", has been banned in the UK by the Advertising Standards Agency. They have ruled that actually, the Atrix isn't the most powerful smartphone in hte world, the Samsung Galaxy SII is!! The Atrix contains a dual

Samsung Galaxy W Preview [Video]

A friend of mine at 3UK has posted a short video introducing the new Samsung Galaxy W smartphone. If you have already read our previous post today explaining the significance of the Samsung smartphone naming, you will know that the W stands for Wonder (High quality, strategic models, perfect for

Samsung Outs Its Galaxy Android Phone Naming Scheme

The one thing we know about Samsung, is that they just love to flood the market with android phones. There are so many even I struggle to name them all! Samsung have obviously realised this and come up with a new naming scheme, that is designed to help you identify

Samsung Promo Video For Galaxy SII USA

Samsung have just uploaded a promo video for the American release of their Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone. The video makes some big claims, and at one point seems to compare itself to Jesus Christ?! It features a lot of London which is kinda cool, all in all I really like