Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Not Quite An iPad Clone?

If you follow us here at Droid-Den, you'll know we have recently been reporting on the ongoing lawsuits between Samsung and apple. With the latest edition featuring a ban on the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Germany. The German court deemed the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was just

Samsung vs Apple [German Loophole Edition]

We were all shocked by the news last week that a German court had banned the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany. But it seems we jumped the gun slightly, and the ban wasn't quite a straight forward as it first seemed. The original presumption was

Samsung vs Apple [German Banning Edition]

Well huge news from the Düsseldorf court today. If you remember back on August 25, the German court decided to uphold the preliminary ban on certain Samsung devices being sold in Germany, which a note that the decision would be made today, the 9th September. Well today we have

Samsung vs Apple [East Asian Edition]

We have to hand it to Apple, they certainly are persistent! Apple have now started legal proceedings against Samsung in the Tokyo District Court, looking to suspend the sales of Samsung Galaxy phones in Japan, as well as claiming 100 million yen ($1.3 million) in damages. The first hearing

Samsung Galaxy W Coming To O2 This Month [September]

The "new stylish Galaxy W" is coming to O2 in the UK this month. Although no specific date is given expect it to hit sometime towards the end of the month. Again no price was specified but you should expect to pay at least £350, and probably a bit

Samsung Galaxy Note Available To Pre-Order

Clove have just listed the new Samsung device, the Galaxy Note, up for pre-order on its website. They pre-order price is listed at £600, although it does say the official price is still TBA, so this simply looks like a "best guess" from the guys over at Clove. Having