How To Root The Samsung Galaxy SIII

Root, a word that can simultaneously bring fear and joy into the heart of an android user. Fear, in those that don't really understand what it is, or why people crave it and joy, in those that fully understand its wealth, and crave its power! Me? I'm one of the

Phone Guide: How To Root The HTC Desire HBOOT 0.83

This guide will let you root a HTC Desire running a bootloader version of 0.83 or below with an AMOLED OR SLCD SCREEN. Here at Droid Den we already have a guide, but that is only for Desires that have a bootloader version of 0.75 or below. Therefore

Android Guide: 3 Must Have Apps When Rooted

If someone asks me if they should root, I always give them the same answer. It doesn't matter how long you've had your phone, how many apps you may install or how "PC Literate" you are. My answer is always a resounding YES! Why you may ask? Well, there is

Android Rooting: A Glossary of Terms

  A lot of people get confused by rooting, and it can be daunting at first, especially when any call for help is usually met by a flurry of terms you have probably never heard before, at least not in an android context anyway. This glossary is an attempt to

Phone Guide: How To Install Rooted Android 2.2 On Your HTC Desire

Ok, so we are all waiting for HTC to release their update to the HTC Desire, offering us the holy grail that is Android 2.2, otherwise known as Froyo. There is however, a way to get this right now, albeit without the Sense interface. Oh yeah, and you

Android Guide: How To Create a Gold Card

A GoldCard is a special SD card that allows you to flash your phone with a new ROM. This is required as part of the process of rooting your HTC Desire amongst other devices. If you need a new sdcard for your goldcard you can pick up a really cheap