Get The New Google Play Store for Android Here!

Google have just officially announced the new Google Play Store app for android over at their blog. The app will officially roll out from today, but if you can’t wait that long, we have you covered! Simply download and install the apk from HERE. Be sure to let us

IAP and Why It Sucks For You and Me.

IAP, or In App Purchasing is the practice of selling items within a game, think things like the ability to purchase more game gold to buy resources, or new and more powerful weaponry. IAP isn't new either, it's been around for a long time, its been the basis for whole

Top 8 Android Apps That Just Plain Work

There are apps you use on a daily basis, and there are apps that you set up once and work all day without you actually having to do anything at all. If you ask me, these apps are just as important or even more so than apps you interact with

Top 7 Android Apps Used Daily

Everyone has a set of apps they just can't live without. If you're like me, this list of apps is by no means dynamic, it changes often as my own needs change as well as the functionality of apps change. There are also some apps that "just work". There are

Lacking Internal Phone Memory? No Problem!

Phones have limited internal memory nowadays. Now this didn’t used to be a huge problem, but with some of the latest android games coming in at over 1GB, that limited internal memory soon becomes a restriction, while that 16, 32 or even 64GB microSD card is sitting there barely

Recommended App: AppSales

Here's an app that I discovered recently. AppSales, is a very basic app and the name really says it all. It's an app that shows you which applications are on sale. It pushes notifications which can be customised by the minimum percentage of the sale and how frequently you want