Camera Shootout: SGSIII vs One X vs One S vs Galaxy Note

I've mentioned this before, the end is nigh for the digital compact camera! The top end smartphones have been progressing well camera wise the past couple of years, and we're almost at a point where they render the digital compact rather useless. If you go out you take your phone,

HTC One X Unboxing Video

Today I got the chance to unbox both the HTC One X and the HTC One S. You can find a quick unboxing of the One X below! Big thanks to Vodafone for sending the One X over for review!

HTC One X OTA Update Begins In Europe

We've had reports in that unbranded HTC One X's in Europe are beginning to receive software updates to 1.28.401.9. The update is fairly small coming in at around 30mb. Hopefully this should fix the unusually bad battery life some are experiencing on their One X as well