Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime Caught on Video and Spec rumours

A video of, allegedly, the next nexus device has leaked along with screen shots of Android 4.0. Check them out at the bottom of the post. The leak also shows that new versions of the Google Music and Google+ apps have been included in ICS. Messenger in Google+ has

Samsung and Google teasing something BIG

Samsung released a teaser video this morning for something big to be announced at their Samsung Mobile Unpacked Google Episode event next week. I wonder what it could be. The video shows how some things are better together with a HUGE reveal at the end. Skip past the break to

New Samsung Nexus Prime Rumours

So, apparently the people at The Droid Guy got a sneak peek at the Nexus Prime at a Verizon Developers conference in Las Vegas, NV. They met a guy identifying himself as a Samsung employee who was fiddling with an unseen Android phone. The phone was described as looking like