Samsung Release Top 40 UK Music Chart App

You've probably heard quite a lot from Samsung recently, they were the main sponsors of the Olympics over here in the UK and have made sure everyone in the country knew about it! But give them their dues, the money they pumped into the games has helped make it one

Bandsintown on Android!

Bandsintown, the ultimate concert tracking app, is now available for Android! Bandsintown is an app that connects to your Facebook and scans your likes and recommendations. Yes, you HAVE to connect to Facebook, but it's worth it. It also scans your personal music library on your phone and puts them

Samsung Announce Their New Music Hub: It's Not Too Bad!

Today marks the release of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, however most people might not be getting their hands on one just yet due to a large number of delays... me included! However, Samsung have a few other things to announce today, one being the re-introduction of their music hub. They

Android News Weekly Update

Welcome to the third edition of the Droid Den's Android News Weekly Update Article, where you can find snippets of Android News from the past week. So let's get cracking. Motorola Show off the new RAZR Motorola gave us a look at their RAZR reboot and I have to say

Google Creates Music Blog: Gives Away (More) Free Music!

Google have created a music blog to go hand in hand with their Music beta service. The new blog, named Magnifier, will highlight various artists and at the same time give away free tracks for those artists. The great thing is, you can add these straight to your music library