Street Fighter IV Coming Exclusively To LG

LG has announced that it has an exclusive agreement with game dev's CAPCOM for their new android game... Street Fighter IV! The deal will mean that LG will have exclusive rights to the game on their upcoming HD android phone for 3 months, the next in their line of (pretty

LG Optimus Note Leaked

The LG Optimus Note has been leaked from South Korea. The Note is no relation to Samsung's latest announcement the Galaxy Note, nor does it confirm to Samsung's newly created device market, the "Note" market. The Optimus Note specs are: four row slide out QWERTY keyboard 1.2Ghz dual core

LG To Release 2D to 3D Game Converter

LG has announced something quite cool, especially for fans of 3D, or users of the LG Optimus 3D. They have developed an android app that has the ability to convert a users 2D games intro 3D! It does seem like developers have to code the ability into their game though,