Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard For Nexus 7 Review

The dream is to be able to replace our computers with tablets. It’s a nice dream to have, but there are a few things holding us back right now, and one of those things is ease of input. I love onscreen keyboards, but there becomes a point when you

Review - Freedom Expression Bluetooth Keyboard

Don't you just love touch screens? I am sure we all do, however there are times when it could be quicker and easier to use an old fashioned keyboard, especially for use with a tablet like the Nexus 7 that I recently acquired.  I went hunting through Nexus 7

Guide - How to remap keys on a hardware keyboard

This is a quick guide on how to remap keys for hardware keyboards. You may have noticed that hardware keyboards often have a lot of keys that when used on Android devices either do nothing at all, or simply do not perform their intended function.  This guide will assist

Perfect Keyboard for Galaxy Note

With touch phones, people always look out for the best keyboard possible. After all, the keyboard has to be as smart as the phone itself or it becomes the biggest let down to a great smart phone experience.        It may be safe to say that gone

SwiftKey Launches Competition: Win a Vizio Tablet

SwiftKey are hosting a tablet giveaway competition to celebrate the fact they have saved over 10 billion keystrokes. If you haven't tried SwiftKey yet I suggest you do, it's one of the better android keyboards available. In fact, it's currently joint top of my own personal "android keyboard league" together