aSmoothStar Icons Re-Uploaded

A long time ago (or what seems like a long time) I delved into the world of creating icons for android, mainly because there just weren't any decent sets for my HTC Desire... And if you're too young to remember that phone, it was the original iPhone-killer! The set named

Android: UberCon [Wonderful White] Icons Set

Well, after both my TallMin (20,000+ downloads) and aSmoothstar (10,000+ downloads) icons have been so popular with you guys, please hello to my new icon set, UberCon! I have to say, personally these are my favourite text icons I have created yet. They really do look fantastic on

Android: aSmoothStar Icon Set

They are finally here! After the great success of my previous icon set, TallMin, which was downloaded over 12,000 times from my servers, the second in the series aSmoothStar icons are now here to download! The aSmoothStar icon set complements the TallMin icon set now giving you the choice

Android: aSmoothStar Icons Preview and Requests!

Following on from my successful TallMin Icon set, I'm about to release the successor aSmoothStar! As a single line of text, they will be both larger and smoother than the TallMin set. Perfect for the icon dock, or as a folder icon. As these icons are created for the community,

Android: TallMin Icon Set

There are many ways to make your android phone look unique, and just the way you want it. One of the easiest of these is by changing icons. Android is extremely customisable, it lets you change app icons, shortcut icons, folder icons and dock icons. In fact pretty much anything