[Review] Official HTC One Car Kit

Car Docks are quite popular accessories given that in most of the world you can not legally use your phone and drive at the same time without one.  Some cars may have built in Bluetooth systems however it can still be very helpful to see your phones display at

The Nexus 4 is the Best, Cheapest Phone You Can Buy Right Now

If your contract is coming to an end soon, or you’re thinking of signing up for a new contract.. Just stop. DO NOT DO IT. You’ll be spending far too much money and be stuck in a long contract, and at the same time probably end up with

Do We Really Want Google Experience Phones?

Since the dawn of time (or at least, since the time that stock android releases began to look decent), we have wished for manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung to release their phones with the stock android, and without the horrible Sense and Touchwiz overlays they seem intent on pushing