Google Buys 1,000+ Patents From IBM

News has just come through that Google have acquired 1,023 new patents from IBM in August of this year. No financial details were provided so we can't tell just how badly google wanted these patents. But this follows on from the recent Motorola Mobility purchase by Google, whereby the

Editorial: Messenger Roulette

As you may have already heard, Samsung plans to attempt to throw its weight in the already crowded messaging app arena, with their upcoming ChatON service. For those not in the know, it's a cross-platform messaging service with apps for Android, Bada, iOS, BlackBerry and Samsung feature phones, launching next

Google Creates Music Blog: Gives Away (More) Free Music!

Google have created a music blog to go hand in hand with their Music beta service. The new blog, named Magnifier, will highlight various artists and at the same time give away free tracks for those artists. The great thing is, you can add these straight to your music library

Official Google Reader Android App Updated: Tablet Support

The official Google Reader Android app has just received an update in the market. The update adds some new transition animations between articles, as well as providing support for tablets running honeycomb. The app is actually quite nice on the 10.1" transformer, and I might even go as far

Generate Your Own Android/Motorola Press Statement! [Fun]

When the news broke about Google acquiring Motorola mobility, it was a huge shock to pretty much everyone. We were all interested to hear just what Google's Android partners thought about the deal. Google put up a nice section on their site for us, listing comments from partners, that has

Samsung Galaxy S: What Is It?

So what exactly is happening with the Samsung Galaxy Tab? We've seen stories about this android tablet all around the web for what seems like ages, and with reports that it will be released next month (on Vodafone?) surely we must have had more information by now?! Samsung are doing