Do We Really Want Google Experience Phones?

Since the dawn of time (or at least, since the time that stock android releases began to look decent), we have wished for manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung to release their phones with the stock android, and without the horrible Sense and Touchwiz overlays they seem intent on pushing

Samsung Galaxy Young

Here's one for you "style seekers"..So I just got a press release informing me that the Galaxy Young will be released this weekend.I mean I don't know about you guys, but there are far too little Galaxy phones out there for my

Viva Móvil by Jennifer Lopez

The title says it all. A new Verizon reseller (people keep saying the word mvno, I think the partnership is much tighter than that of an mvno-network though) by J.Lo, but the name sort of makes me think they are selling lipstick and mascara, rather than phones..Viva Movil

Conversational Search in Chrome

The new conversational search feature of chrome is pretty cool! The actual functionality right now is probably more limited than I would like, but the foundation is there, and is still really very impressive! #droidden

Hi Hey Hello by Samsung

You know what... Samsung really hit a winner here. What better way to advertise (because that's effectively all this is) your new smartphone and its features, than to create a musical short film (music video?) around it. And I actually quite like the music too, always a bonus!

Todays Free Amazon Android App: 10000000

"Dungeon crawling RPG matching game".It has some pretty good reviews on both the Play Store and the Amazon store. Worth checking out (and saving yourself £1.59 in the process! :P)#droidden Source 10000000: Appstore for Android Download the 10000000 app now to your