Preview: Hands On With Reckless Racing 2 For Android From Polarbit

The guys over at Polarbit have been kind enough to send me a pre-release version of their new game, Reckless Racing 2. A new member of the Reckless range of games, and a successor to the hugely popular (and one of my personal favourite games), Reckless Racing 1. The game

Review: GameTel Bluetooth Gamepad For Android

Fructel, an electronics company based in Sweden have recently released a new bluetooth controller to the market for android devices. The new product goes by the name of Gametel and is a bluetooth gamepad specifically designed for android phones and tablets. We managed to get our hands on one early

GameTel Game Controller Accessory Coming to Android

Swedish company Fructel is about to unveil their new android mobile phone peripheral, aimed towards the gamers amongst us. The new accessory goes by the name of GameTel, and gives you the ability to play your favourite android games using a gamepad rather than the touchscreen you might be used

Game Review: Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope is a very cute and simple puzzle game with a simple objective. Feed Om Nom candy. It was originally released for iOS devices but has now found its way on Android. The premise is easy, cut some ropes to get the candy to the little green guy.

Sony Announce Cross-Platform PlayStation Game SDK

Sony have announced at the Tokyo Game Show that it will be releasing a cross-platform SDK for PlayStation game developers. What this means is that developers will be able to create games that work on any Sony PlayStation Certified device. This includes Sony's own handheld gaming system, as well as

Korean KT Announce Spider Phone: It's Hella Cool

Large Korean telecommunications company KT quietly announced its new smartphone at IFA in Germany, the KT Spider Phone. Their new device isn't just any old smartphone though, it takes the idea Motorola brought us with the Motorola Atrix and expands  on it, in some very cool ways! The Spider