Massive Android Games Sale On Now: My Top Picks Here!

There is currently a pretty fantastic android game sale on, thanks to the guys over at They are celebrating the control over pricing that online stores give them. You can check out the full list of sale games for android over at the site, but to make things

Google Play Weekly Downloads [May 18 2012]

Hello my name is Richard aka DroidExaminer. Here at Droid-Den on every Friday, I will give you a review on a couple of Google Play gems that I feel are worthy of a download. Here are this week’s must downloads. 1. KD Collage Pro by KDN Soft [Free] Pro

Great Android Apps Discounted for Play Promotion

As you should know by now, Google has rebranded their android market, music, book and video services under the one brand of "Google Play". As part of this promotion Google are offering quite a number of great apps for only £0.49p. There are some great selections to be

Review: GameTel Bluetooth Gamepad For Android

Fructel, an electronics company based in Sweden have recently released a new bluetooth controller to the market for android devices. The new product goes by the name of Gametel and is a bluetooth gamepad specifically designed for android phones and tablets. We managed to get our hands on one early

Game Review: Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope is a very cute and simple puzzle game with a simple objective. Feed Om Nom candy. It was originally released for iOS devices but has now found its way on Android. The premise is easy, cut some ropes to get the candy to the little green guy.

Street Fighter IV Coming Exclusively To LG

LG has announced that it has an exclusive agreement with game dev's CAPCOM for their new android game... Street Fighter IV! The deal will mean that LG will have exclusive rights to the game on their upcoming HD android phone for 3 months, the next in their line of (pretty