Samsung Galaxy SII Hints & Tips [Part 1]

Our guest columnist William Judd from the Mobile Fun blog has written a great article for all you Samsung Galaxy SII users out there. In the first of a series of three blog posts, he talks you through 15 tips to get the most out of your fantastic Samsung android

Official Samsung Galaxy SII Ad For America

Samsung have released what is their official TV ad for the Samsung Galaxy SII in America. The ad features the Sprint version of the phone, I'm unsure why they didn't feature the other US network variations, but they all look fairly similar in any case. I have to say I'm

White Samsung Galaxy SII Now On Sale

The White Samsung Galaxy SII has just hit the shelves today in the UK. The great news is it's a true white phone (unlike the Nexus S), I'm sure a few of you will be picking this up, especially if it goes with your sparkling clean white car (you knowÂ

Samsung Galaxy SII Camera Test

There has been quite a lot of discussion around which android phone has the best camera. You might just quote the one with the most MP, but that really isn't a true measure of what makes a good mobile phone camera. We've tested out the Samsung Galaxy SII camera, with