[Review] Galaxy S3 Flip Case

This Samsung Galaxy S3 case differs to the official flip case as it doesn't replace the back cover on your phone. This brings a few advantages and disadvantages... Firstly, it is a lot easier to remove if you need to for whatever reason. Just pull the case off and you're

[Review] Galaxy S3 Official Flip Case

Thanks to the guys over at MobileFun, I've managed to get my hands on the official Galaxy S3 flip cover, see below for my thoughts! The case comes in some nice, but standard Samsung packaging displaying most of the case. The back of the box lets you know that this

Samsung Galaxy SIII (MHL) HDTV Adaptor Review

It seems like a very long time ago since I bought my Samsung Galaxy SII android phone, and I guess in current smartphone terms it was. Well that was over a year ago, 1 year and 2 months to be exact. It perhaps feels like a longer time than it

Samsung Galaxy S3 Cracking Issues?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been selling like hotcakes but is it developing cracking issues? This isn't someone putting a the device in a microwave and saying it exploded, this is a phone that I have seen and handled and have it on good faith that it has not been

Samsung Galaxy SIII Crumena Leather Slim Pouch Case Review

This is somewhat of an unusual case review from me as I tend to review those types of cases that I would look to use myself. If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you’ll know I favour the light touch, something that just protect the phone from

Samsung Galaxy SIII Battery: A Day In My Life

If you know me in real life, or follow me here at Droid-Den, Twitter or on Google+, you'll have some idea about how much I use my phone. I like to classify myself as somewhat of an ultra-heavy user. I have a lot of automated tasks running in the background,