Official Samsung Galaxy Note Flip Cover Review

The guys over at MobileFun have kindly sent me an Official Samsung Galaxy Note flip cover for my Galaxy Note, so I thought I'd give it the once over for you guys out there who might be looking for some protection for your awesome phone (again, phone :P). The flip

Samsung Galaxy Note Hitting UK Retailers on November 17th

Samsung's behemoth Galaxy Note will be released in the UK on November 17th. Samsung's tablet/smartphone hybrid is packing a 1.4GHz Dual Core processor (thought to be from the Exynos range) and comes with special stylus input support. The HD Super AMOLED 5.3" display has a resolution of

Samsung Galaxy Note Available To Pre-Order

Clove have just listed the new Samsung device, the Galaxy Note, up for pre-order on its website. They pre-order price is listed at £600, although it does say the official price is still TBA, so this simply looks like a "best guess" from the guys over at Clove. Having