Get The Facebook Home APK for Android Here

So today is finally the day that HTC release the new HTC First, and Facebook release their new launcher, Facebook Home. Unfortunately for those of us outside of the USA, there is no firm news on when we can officially get access to Facebook Home. The clearest date Facebook PR

Bandsintown on Android!

Bandsintown, the ultimate concert tracking app, is now available for Android! Bandsintown is an app that connects to your Facebook and scans your likes and recommendations. Yes, you HAVE to connect to Facebook, but it's worth it. It also scans your personal music library on your phone and puts them

Editorial: Messenger Roulette

As you may have already heard, Samsung plans to attempt to throw its weight in the already crowded messaging app arena, with their upcoming ChatON service. For those not in the know, it's a cross-platform messaging service with apps for Android, Bada, iOS, BlackBerry and Samsung feature phones, launching next

Android App Review: Facebook Messenger

Currently the most popular social network on the internet, Facebook, has just released a new android app specifically for its new Facebook Messages system. Facebook Messenger is a separate app from the official Facebook Android app, and so must be downloaded independently. I'm not sure why it wasn't added into