Samsung Galaxy SII Belkin DualFit Armband Case Review

I was lucky enough to take part in the BUPA Great Manchester Run on the 20th May, and also raised a small sum for my chosen charity Diabetes UK at the same time (Hey, you know we're still accepting donations?)! It was also the perfect opportunity to test drive an

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Otterbox Commuter Case Review

Rachid: The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is pretty much the phone to have right now. As a Nexus phone it's probably the only phone you can get your hands on right now that guarantees future updates to the next few iterations of android at least. Here at Droid-Den we've reviewed a

Official Samsung Galaxy Note Flip Cover Review

The guys over at MobileFun have kindly sent me an Official Samsung Galaxy Note flip cover for my Galaxy Note, so I thought I'd give it the once over for you guys out there who might be looking for some protection for your awesome phone (again, phone :P). The flip

Accessory Review: Case-Mate Tough Case

I have owned this case for over 6 months and it is available for most smartphones on the Case-Mate site. This case is not on the cheap side as cases go. The one for the HTC Desire costs £24.99 from case-mate (or £20.95 from Amazon) So,