Tech21 Impact Snap Case For Samsung Galaxy Note II Review

I’m not the hugest fan of cases on a smartphone. Generally speaking, they add bulk and ugliness to something that is more than just function, something that was designed to be beautiful. Why would you hide that? Well, one reason is to keep it beautiful, to protect it from

Phone Cases: A Tragic Love Story

Generally speaking, I'm not a great believer in phone cases. Having said that, I pretty much always use on one my phones. However, I have very specific requirements around what is allowed to wrap itself around my beautiful (and expensive) smartphone. I feel pain right down to my core whenever

Google Nexus 7 DodoCase Hardcover Review

Generally speaking I have different requirements in a case for my tablets and phones. Phones I always go thin, light and unobtrusive. Tablets however, are a different story. I tend to carry tablets in hand or in a bag, and as such I like to know the tablet is fully

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Slim Case & Crystal Case Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed a Samsung Galaxy SIII cover, the last one being the very beautiful Crumena pouch by the Korean SGP firm. Whilst that case got a very favourable review from me, it’s not really the type of case I would normally use of

Review - SD TabletWear SmartCase for Google Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is definitely 'hot' when it comes to Android Tablets of the now, and as with all good devices there are endless amounts of accessories you can purchase to compliment them.  One thing I always strive to own is 'the perfect case', a quest that often goes

Samsung Galaxy SIII Crumena Leather Slim Pouch Case Review

This is somewhat of an unusual case review from me as I tend to review those types of cases that I would look to use myself. If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you’ll know I favour the light touch, something that just protect the phone from