Rearth Ringke Slim Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Review

Rearth Ringke Slim Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Review

Rearth is a manufacturer I have to say I hadn't come across before. When browsing MobileFun for a suitable case for my Samsung Galaxy S6 I came across an interesting looking case by this company so decided to find out more. Having a look at the Rearth company website I
Spigen Neo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Review

Spigen Neo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Review

I've been a fan of Spigen for a long time now, they are up there as one of my favourite smartphone case manufacturers. As such, I tend to revert back to them whenever I get my hands on a new device. Recently that new device is the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Zenus Neo Vintage Diary Case Review

There must be something special in the water in South Korea, because the most beautiful mobile phone cases always seem to originate from there. Zenus  (along with SGP) is a Korean company that specialises in mobile phone cases, or should I say magnificent mobile phone cases. I managed to get

Nexus 7 Case-Mate Tuxedo Case Review

I’m always on the lookout for some good Nexus 7 covers, so when I came across the Case Mate Tuxedo case I knew I had to give it a go. By now you should know what type of case I go for on my phones, the minimal type! But

Case Logic Compact Camera Kit Bag Review

I recently moved from a Canon compact camera to a Sony Nex-5N. If you’ve ever moved from a compact to a much better camera you’ll know the joy I felt when I took my first photo, the difference is immense, especially in less than ideal conditions. The Nex-5N

[Review] Samsung Galaxy Note II - Official Flip Case

Like with my Galaxy S III, I decided to take a look at this official flip phone cover from Samsung for my Note2.  Here is what I think of it after a few weeks of use.    Things I like It replaces the battery cover in order