Official Google Reader Android App Updated: Tablet Support

The official Google Reader Android app has just received an update in the market. The update adds some new transition animations between articles, as well as providing support for tablets running honeycomb. The app is actually quite nice on the 10.1" transformer, and I might even go as far

UK Mobile Operator Android Apps For Managing Your Account

Management of your mobile network account is something that should be easy to do when on your mobile, you really don't want to be having to log into a website that uses some funky plug-ins and so only works in your desktop browser, or alternatively is not at all optimised

The Telegraph Official Fantasy Football Android App Released

We have already told you about The Suns new official fantasy football app for android. Well now it seems The Telegraph have seen the light, as they release their new fantasy football app to the market. It's got some decent comments so far, and from the screenshots it looks like

App Review: Viber

Viber is a free and ad-free app that allows for calls and text messages over data or Wi-Fi. They are planning on adding a premium service for calling non-Viber numbers soon too. What makes Viber different is that there is no need to register, creating yet another account with another

Game Review: DynamoKid Touch

DynamoKid touch, a game from OrangePixel, who are quite a prolific developer of android games with a number of good (and not so good) games currently on the market. The game is a 2D scroller, in which the only control you have over the DynamoKid is when you touch him,

App Guide: Add Turn by Turn Navigation To Android Phones

Google have recently added the Turn by turn navigation feature to a few countries, but there are still many that do not have this feature by default. If you do wish to get this feature, there is now a way! Follow the break for full installation instructions.. Remember this is