Wunderlist Android App Updated: Potential Realised!

Wunderlist have just updated their android app. The original offering was quite poor to say the least. Although it looked really nice, it suffered from load times and lots of lag. Part of the reason, well in fact the whole reason for this was the development engine the developers used

Samsung Release PureBreeze Launcher

In a somewhat surprising move, Samsung have released a new app to the android market named PureBreeze. PureBreeze is actually a homescreen replacement app, similar to Launcher Pro or Go Launcher. It's also something completely different to the Official TouchWiz launcher found on Samsung devices. The app basically has one

Android App Review: RunKeeper

It’s a common myth that geeks and gadget lovers lead and incredibly unhealthy lifestyle, sure we spend many many hours ploughing through tech news, gadget blogs and of course demolishing enemy’s in our favourite shoot, em up. However, a new group of people are starting a love affair

Pudding Camera updated To Support English

Pudding Camera has just received an update in the android market that adds one feature we have all been waiting for (those of us outside Korea anyway), English language support!! If you haven't tried Pudding Camera out yet, I suggest you go take a look. It's a beautifully designed android

Madden NFL 12 From EA Hits Android

The latest AAA title to come to android from sports games giant EA is Madden NFL 12. From the screenshots the game looks really nice, I can't comment on the gameplay mechanics though, not really sure how a game called Football, but you use your hands works. I'll be sticking

Official UK University Clearing 2011 Android App Released

In the UK, college and 6th form students have just received their A Level results, what is a joyful time for some is an extremely stressful time for others. For those students that didn't make the grades required to get into their frist choice University, the clearing system awaits. The