Android: aSmoothStar Icons Preview and Requests!

Following on from my successful TallMin Icon set, I'm about to release the successor aSmoothStar! As a single line of text, they will be both larger and smoother than the TallMin set. Perfect for the icon dock, or as a folder icon. As these icons are created for the community,

Android: TallMin Icon Set

There are many ways to make your android phone look unique, and just the way you want it. One of the easiest of these is by changing icons. Android is extremely customisable, it lets you change app icons, shortcut icons, folder icons and dock icons. In fact pretty much anything

Android Guide: Should I Use a Task Killer

Task killer, one of the most prominent words within the android world. One that causes many arguments and confusion, well today lets see if we can put it all to rest. I am constantly surprised when talking to new android owners that come to me with questions about their "faulty"

Samsung Galaxy S Tablet Spied

More pics have emerged from what looks likely to be the first android tablet to be released from a major manufacturer, Samsung. The new pictures confirm a few details for us, most notably that the device is running froyo, and also confirming the look of the browser and keyboard. However,

Android Guide: 3 Must Have Apps When Rooted

If someone asks me if they should root, I always give them the same answer. It doesn't matter how long you've had your phone, how many apps you may install or how "PC Literate" you are. My answer is always a resounding YES! Why you may ask? Well, there is

Samsung Galaxy S: What Is It?

So what exactly is happening with the Samsung Galaxy Tab? We've seen stories about this android tablet all around the web for what seems like ages, and with reports that it will be released next month (on Vodafone?) surely we must have had more information by now?! Samsung are doing