HTC Evo 3D: The HTC Phone We're Waiting For?

Some news about the new handsets HTC are going to be showing off at CTIA has been leaked, and boy are they good! We were all disappointed by HTC's announcements at MWC, which were in reality just slight upgrades from their 2010 models, and certainly nothing to get excited about.

ZTE Unveil 7" and 10" Android Tablets

Chinese firm ZTE have announced two new android tablets today, a 7" and a 10" tablet. You may know ZTE as the creators of the hugely popular (and cheap) Orange San Francisco phone. The ZTE Light 10 has the following specs: Gingerbread 10" 1280x800 capacitive display dual core 1.2GHz

Adobe Flash 10.2 Now Available For Android!

Just as promised, Adobe Flash 10.2 is now available for download on the android market. Get your Xoom's out people, and go browse the FULL web! The desktop market may say 10.1, but don't be fooled,the label just hasn't updated yet! Market Link  

Win a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Android Phone

Sony Ericsson are giving away 10 of its new Xperia Play android phones as part of a promotion to celebrate the release of their phone. SE are taknig this phone very seriously, and are set to have around 50 games optimised for the handset by the time it launches on

Amazon Looking To Create an Android Kindle?

Kindle, Amazons best ever selling product may be in line to get an android overhaul! Currently the Amazon Kindle is purely an ereader device, small, lightweight, but very limited in functionality, it basically does one thing and one thing only (it does that thing better than anyone else in case

Three UK Drops Mature Content filter

Firstly.. Yay! UK network Three are going to stop filtering adult content from their mobile network, well as long as you have taken a contract out with them. PAYG users will still have to put up with getting their filthy content elsewhere. Three said "We know this has frustrated many