Game Review: Sega Virtua Tennis Challenge

Like many brits I love watching Wimbledon in the Summer, and when I’m channel flicking I might stop and watch the odd tennis match every now and then, but I’m not what you’d call a massive tennis fan. However, I have been in love with the Virtua

Fantastic Mr Fox Meets Sony Xperia: New Line of Ads

Wes Anderson, the incredibly talented guy behind one of my favourite films recently (Fantastic Mr. Fox) has been tasked by Sony to direct their new slew of Xperia adverts for Sonys #android phones. The campaign is known as "Made of Imagination" and features the imaginations of children turned

Go Dev Team Release Go Backup Beta

The team behind great apps like Go Launcher and Go SMS (apps that I both use btw), have released the first beta for their new #android app, Go Backup. The new app will backup:- Contacts- SMS- Apps and app data (this feature requires root)Personally I use Titanium backup

Angry Birds Space Out Now on Android!!

Yep, the new Angry Birds is now available on the Google Play market for #android It's a whole new style of game, so for those of you that have gotten a bit fed up of the old game (me included), this could breathe a bit of new life

Sony Does It Right: Releases Custom ROM Tools

Sony is continuing where Sony Ericsson took off, and really embracing the #android modding community. Today they posted on their blog the open source archive for the Xperia S along with other various flashing tools (+instructions). They specifically call out custom ROM developers in their post too. Its refreshing to

Android App Recommendation: Slider Widget

Slider widget for #android is a pretty cool app/widget for controlling various system settings. There are literally hundreds of widget apps on the Play Store that let you do this already, however slider widget does it in a pretty unique style.Adding the widget to your homescreen provides a