Android App Guide: Rom Manager by Koush

Rom manager is designed to make your life easier with your rooted phone. It works by enabling you to flash (install) a custom recovery to your phone without needing to push it through adb or using the computer. There are 2 options in the play store for rom manager,

Surprise Angry Birds Update for Android

Well this came out of nowhere, I actually thought Space was going to be the next game to get some new levels. But Rovia jsut released a new update for the original Angry Birds game named Surf and Turf.You can grab the update from the #android Play store link

Football Manager Handheld 2012 First Play Review!

Finally it's arrived! Football Manager handheld has come to android after a long wait. Can this age-old relationship killer and recluse creator recreate the football management experience on your android smartphone? The answer may just be provided below! Once you download the game, there is additional

Review: Sony Xperia S

The Sony Xperia S marks Sony’s entrance as an independent entity into the android smartphone market. The Xperia S is marketed as a high-end android phone, targetting those of us who like the latest and best in technology. You can get your hands on the Xperia S for around

We're still looking for #android fans to join the Droid-Den team by the way!...

We're still looking for #android fans to join the Droid-Den team by the way! All details below Source Droid Den » Join The Team android, and want to share that passion with others. We are primarily looking for people to write: app and game reviews. how-to or help

I find the Instagram UI for #android not that intuitive

Disagree? Try looking for the menu button... O_o