Cutest Chibi Android App Around? Maybe!

If you're a fan of anime and manga, then like me you'll absolutely love this hidden gem of an android app from developer hibicame. The app in question is called DoroCame, and is actually one of a familiy of similar apps (others include yurucame, NekoCame and Inucame). The app essentially

Samsung Galaxy SIII Teaser Video Here!

The Samsung teaser countdown over at finally hit 0! Although unfortunately for most of us the site won't load. However, if you want to see what is shown, then I'd helpfully added the teaser video below for you! Enjoy! So, what do you think?

Capacitive Stylus Review: Three Way Shootout!

As tablets become more and more powerful, people are looking to them to do more than just be a casual browser or ereader whilst they sit in front of the TV on an evening. Tablets are becoming more popular in general, and we as consumers are beginning to use these

Huge Spotify for Android Update: Now With Holo Theme!

Spotify have finally listened to our prayers, and have today released a beta version of their new android, complete with ICS theme and a host of new (and planned) features!!  Included is an Extreme quality streaming/download mode, with folder support coming before the beta app hits the Google

ReadItLater Becomes Pocket: Gets Updated Android App

Out of nowhere, popular Read It Later has become Pocket. The desktop and #android app lets you store articles for reading at a later date. The android app has undergone a huge overhaul along with the name change, and it's much, much better as a result. It now follows the

Great ICS Experience on Galaxy Note

I bought my first Android phone, for that matter, my first real smart phone in February 2011. Yes, I was a late entrant. It was the HTC Incredible S, and incredible it was. I learnt fast and a few months later realised that I needed a much better phone. Finding