Top 5 Android Games Jan 2014

When it comes to android games, I'm a fickle kinda guy.. If you were to ask me a week ago what my top 5 games were on android, you'd probably get a different list than the one you're about to read! The good thing about this is that games usually

aSmoothStar Icons Re-Uploaded

A long time ago (or what seems like a long time) I delved into the world of creating icons for android, mainly because there just weren't any decent sets for my HTC Desire... And if you're too young to remember that phone, it was the original iPhone-killer! The set named

Initial Thoughts on the Galaxy Gear

A Few Days Later.. I've set up the Galaxy Gear (using tasker) to enable internet on the watch whenever I open an app that requires internet (e.g. browser, news app, etc). I've also set up as tasker profile to automatically enable the internet for a few minutes every hour

The Nexus 4 is the Best, Cheapest Phone You Can Buy Right Now

If your contract is coming to an end soon, or you’re thinking of signing up for a new contract.. Just stop. DO NOT DO IT. You’ll be spending far too much money and be stuck in a long contract, and at the same time probably end up with

The Unfortunate Case of App Piracy

A retweet from a one Dan Lazarides got me thinking about piracy on android... The RT was of a tweet made by creative studio Lucky Frame, and related to the number of real sales of their android game Gentlemen! compared to the number of copies of the game that

Android Games of the Month: June 2013

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