SwiftKey Launches Competition: Win a Vizio Tablet

SwiftKey are hosting a tablet giveaway competition to celebrate the fact they have saved over 10 billion keystrokes. If you haven't tried SwiftKey yet I suggest you do, it's one of the better android keyboards available. In fact, it's currently joint top of my own personal "android keyboard league" together with Swype (everyone has one of these leagues right?).

SwiftKey will give you the chance to win a new Vizio tablet, to enter just complete the following:

To enter, all you need to do is make sure you’re following us (@swiftkey) on Twitter, and then Tweet how many characters you’ve saved with SwiftKey, along with the hashtag #SKX10bn, like so:

- I've saved 36,852 keystrokes with @SwiftKey, how many have you saved? #SKX10bn
- Using @SwiftKey has saved my thumbs 5,422 keystrokes! #SKX10bn
- I've saved 23,587 keystrokes out of @SwiftKey’s 10 billion #SKX10bn

You can also grab a trial of the SwiftKey app from the market if you fancy giving it a go. It's already made my typing 26% more efficient!




SwiftKey Saves Over 10 Billion Keystrokes