Spigen Neo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Review

I've been a fan of Spigen for a long time now, they are up there as one of my favourite smartphone case manufacturers. As such, I tend to revert back to them whenever I get my hands on a new device. Recently that new device is the Samsung Galaxy S6. Thanks to the guys at MobileFun, I had the chance to try out the Spigen Neo Hybrid Case.

Materials & Protection

The Neo Hybrid case is made from a combination of TPU and polycarbonate. TPU being the main material used for the textured back cover, a good choice by Spigen as TPU has characteristics between rubber and plastic. Soft and durable but still with good elasticity and abrasion resistance.

The TPU rear should also provide some form of shock resistance if the worst were to happen. The other benefit to the flexible body of the case of course, is that it is quite easy to add to the Galaxy S6. With some of the harder cases (for example those made wholly with polycarbonate) it can be difficult to get the phone in and out. The body is also textured, helping to overcome one of the (few) issues with the new look Galaxy S6, slippiness! This extra grip is very welcome. Spigen are also quick to point out that the TPU is stretch-resistant, meaning the case should continue to fit as well as it does from day one. In the few weeks I have been using the case I can agree with this statement, the case hasn't lost any of its shape at all.

Speaking of polycarbonate, as mentioned earlier the frame of the case is made from a polycarbonate material. The harder frame is almost a necessity to ensure that the softer body of the case remains rigid and attached to the phone. Thankfully the thin frame does have enough flexibility to ensure installation remains a pain-free exercise.

The rear of the S6 is fully covered by this case, as are the sides/top/bottom. The front is exposed, however the TPU back does have a lip that slightly covers the front of the phone. This both ensures a good fit and offers some protection if the phone is dropped face first. The lip should take any impact leaving the S6 screen free of damage.

Features & Style

The case has the usual cut outs for the IR Blaster on the top of the phone, the speaker, headphone jack and microUSB port on the bottom, as well as vol up/down and power button on sides. The camera, flash and heart rate monitor are also accessible from the rear.

The volume and power buttons are not actually cut outs, but Spigen has placed what they call "Metalized Fluid Press" buttons. These seem to be plastic, but I assume have some later of metal on them (according to the name, perhaps they are just painted to represent metal though?). The fluid press attempts to describe how integrated the buttons are into the case. On some of the cheaper cases out there these buttons can be implemented poorly with wobble and ineffective presses. However credit to Spigen here, it seems like they picked an appropriate name and the button presses are very fluid. In fact, I'd almost say I prefer changing the volume with this case on than without it!

As previously mentioned the rear of the case is textured, and this also helps the look of the case. There is something a bit classier to it than if it were to be a smooth back. The addition of the Spigen name and logo to the bottom-right of the back casing also helps this effect.

Inside of the rear part of the case is an interesting textured pattern too. I'm not fully sure of the significance of this, but my best guess would be that it helps with the shock absorption if the phone were to be dropped. The inside also has an authenticated Spigen stamp (pushing the premium feel of this case even more).

The frame (gold in my example) is a two-toned finish and does compliment the Gold S6 really well. The frame also mimics the contours on the frame of phone too, helping to keep the premium feel of the phone even with the case attached.

Final Thoughts

The case is definitely on the thin side, so you may imagine the protection offered would be limited. However, the case has saved my S6 on a few occasions! I have dropped the phone onto concrete with this case attached, and the phone has walked away harm free.

I do like my cases to be minimal, when I buy a phone as beautiful as the Galaxy S6, I want to show it off. The Neo Hybrid allows me to do this without sacrificing the safety of my phone. Spigen hasn't let me down in the past, and the Neo Hybrid is another great example of how to make a premium phone case. Highly recommended!