Sony Ericsson Will Ship Future Androids With Unlockable Bootloader

Sony Ericsson show just how focused upon android they are with the news that they will ship their new Xperia line of android phones with an easily unlockable bootloader. This follows the news last week that the X10 will be updated to android, and shows a significant change in their view towards android, a change that is fantastic for us consumers.

There is a catch however, this method will only apply to sim-unlocked phones, so if you can only use your own networks sim card in your phone this will not apply to you (carphone warehouse sell sim unlocked phones on contract, so prepare to go shopping :P). There are other limitations, but Sony Ericsson do not give details on these.

They also point out that this will void your warranty, but follow this by saying that they may not be able to fix a damaged modified phone, and may charge you a handling fee if they do fix it. A lot of 'mays' in there, so i'm not exactly sure what the voiding of warranty denies you.

The key thing to note here is that this announcement may make other phone manufacturers such as Motorola, HTC and Samsung take a look at their own bootlocking practices, which have gone quite the opposite way and become more secure on their latest phones.