Sony Ericsson Launches Hot Shots To Promote Android Xperia Range

Sony Ericsson is promoting its Xperia range of android phones with 6 femail tennis players. This shouldn't be a surprise, you should remember the set of videos they produced starring Maria Sharapova to promote the X10?

This is slightly different however, sony Ericsson have selected 6 up and comnig female tennis players, and given them the target of growing their online fan base using the wealth of media outlets Sony Ericsson have available. The player that has generated the most support on facebook by the end of the year will win an exclusive support deal with Sony Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson vice president of global marketing partnerships Stephan Croix said: ‘Xperia Hot Shots is an exciting and innovative web TV show that will bring added entertainment to women's tennis. It provides fans with the chance to get closer to WTA players and celebrities, see them take part in unusual challenges and amazing stunts, all of which they can watch on their Xperia smartphones."

It's quite a novel way of promoting their android phones, the only question remaining is... Which will you invite into your world! (lame I know :D)

You can check out the facebook page here or check out more videos on their youtube page.