Samsung vs Apple: Dutch Edition

Remember our article about the German court that blocked the import of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1's into Europe? Well a side note from that story was it would apply to the UR, except in Holland. Today the initial proceedings in Holland over the matter finished, with Apple apparently suggesting the Galaxy Tab case was stolen. Apple gave evidence of an online survey whereby 80% of respondents (no idea about the size of this survey, who it was aimed at, or how the questions were laid out) found the Galaxy Tab to be at similar in general impression to the iPad2

Samsung countered this claim by suggesting that Apple's claims were so vague, that any digital photo frame could also be included in this lawsuit! The Judge (who apparently found the whole thing hilarious) said that if an injunction was to arrive, it wouldn't be until a ruling comes on the 15th of September, so there is still time to head over to Holland and pick one up!