Samsung Release PureBreeze Launcher

In a somewhat surprising move, Samsung have released a new app to the android market named PureBreeze. PureBreeze is actually a homescreen replacement app, similar to Launcher Pro or Go Launcher. It's also something completely different to the Official TouchWiz launcher found on Samsung devices.

The app basically has one main homescreen (you cannot add more) named the Kite. You can add widgets and app shortcuts to the kite like you would any homescreen. The app launcher is fairly innovative though. Along the bottom of the launcher you have room for folders, simply drag an app into a folder and it is added to it. You can then scroll through all your folders to see your categorised apps.

It's quite a nifty idea, and the app runs fairly smoothly on my SGSII, but it really lacks a lot of the customisation available in various other homescreen replacement apps. There is a free version as well as paid version for you to try.



Organize your apps, widgets and shortcuts with Pure Breeze! Bring a breath of fresh air to your Android phone with Pure Breeze from Samsung San Jose Mobile Lab. Pure Breeze is a customizable user interface that lets you easily organize your apps, groups, and tasks, and create shortcuts. Pure Breeze replaces your default home screen and allows you to enhance navigation by organizing your applications into groups. The "Kite", a customizable floating window is always available with one touch to access your phone’s widgets and shortcuts. The “Kite” becomes your new launcher and home screen. Pure Breeze is available in two versions, Lite and Full, and works with Android 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3. The Lite version is free and has the same features as the full version, but with some limitations on the number of items you can organize. You can easily switch between Pure Breeze and your default home screen by a simple change in the Settings application. Enjoy Pure Breeze, and get simply organized!