Samsung, HTC and Barcelona

So HTC and Samsung just announced their new headline acts for 2015. The HTC One m9 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 (and S6 Edge). Right about now I'd usually be checking eBay to see how much my current phone would go for in anticipation to get my hands on one of these new beauties. But I'm not... Somewhere along the way I've lost my moxy..

Don't get me wrong, both phones look fantastic. Especially the S6 Edge, I like the innovation behind a curved front display, and I believe the reports from those who had a hands on saying that it feels just as good as it looks.

But my overriding feeling is just that, you know what, I'm quite happy with my LG G3. I'm not sure what has made me feel differently this time round. Maybe it's because I'm happy with the performance of my G3? Maybe for the first time in an Android device I'm not longing for a better camera. Maybe I'm not looking for a device that's just a tiny bit smaller. (Maybe becoming a Dad has changed my perspective?)

But it isn't just the fact that I'm (more than) content with my current device. I'm less enthused about what the new devices have lost. Especially the S6. Samsung removing the removable battery I'll forgive. But not the expandable memory.. I currently have a 64GB microsd card in my G3. I've had it for a long time. It's served me well through at least 4 different phones. Why am I now being forced to discard this cheap and cheerful way to boost my storage,  and instead pay what I assume will be a horrific premium for one of these models with a large internal memory? 

So thank you Samsung, and thank you HTC..  But I think I'll pass this round and wait to see what LG offer up with the G4.

Photo's courtesy of The Verge.