Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and Galaxy Note Leaked?

Some smart android user has been digging inside Samsung's latest android app, the official IFA app they released this week, and found some interesting information! Inside the apk was found a logo displaying 3 new devices, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet, the Wave 3 and the Galaxy Note.

Now we know that Samsung use the Galaxy name with its android devices, and Wave with Bada. So for this article lets completely disregard the Wave (who cares right?). The Galaxy Tab 7.7 sounds like the next 7" Galaxy Tab device, but the additional .7 is a bit of a mystery to me, it might just mean the device will have a 7.7" screen.

The Galaxy Note is very interesting though. It sounds like an android device, but just what type. It doesn't follow the recent naming scheme Samsung told us about, so is it a phone? It might be an additional tablet. Perhaps a smaller tablet than the 7" one? There is room for a cheaper and more portable tablet for sure.

In any case, we'll all find out on September 1st. be sure to grab the app from the android market to find out asap!